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Alternative World Spiritual Centre We would like to take this opportunity in "Welcoming you Home". At the Alternative World Spiritual Centre, we offer all aspects of spiritual growth healing, training and development to ensure wholeness and unconditional love for the Human Spirit and the Soul. VISIT THE AW SPIRITUAL CENTRE http://awspiritualcentre.wordpress.com/http://awspiritualcentre.wordpress.com/2013/02/19/394/

Monday, November 12, 2012

Reiki 1 Workshop in English Costa del Sol

The next Reiki 1 workshop on the Costa del Sol will take place on the following date Workshop- Reiki 1 (Knowing and Healing thy Self) Days Saturday and Sunday Dates 19th and 20th January 2013 Cost 175,00 euros or 150,00 euros if you book before the end of december 2012 If you can not afford to pay in one installment, there is the opportunity to pay in two/Three installments. Tell me more about Reiki You have reached this page for a reason. Perhaps it is not the first time you have read or heard about Reiki. It is said that from the first time you connect with the energy, that your Reiki Guide has stepped into your aura and is slowly nudging you towards the path to spiritual enlightenment. Reiki can be described as a healing loving touch. Reiki is unconditional love, the Universal Life force Energy. Reiki can be divided into two words. Firstly Rei which means Universal and Ki which is light, energy, chi or Manna. It is energy channelled from source. The source we all come from connect to and return. It is as simple as that. It was re-discovered by Mikao Usui in the late 1800s while he was on a meditation fasting for 21 days on Mount Karuma in Japan. During the 21 days he received an attunement in the form of a bright light, symbols and mantras. Since then Reiki has been passed down through generations. Please visit our Reiki Lineage to find out our Reiki (Family Tree) Many people feel that Reiki is just a form of healing. It is not. It is a way of life. Adopting Reiki into your life, you are able to heal yourself on a mental emotional, physical and spiritual level. You are also able to send healing to your loved ones as well as every human being who lives on the planet . Apart from that, Reiki is positive energy that helps you to gain confidence and the ability to believe in the self. Reiki can help you manifest your desires and fulfil your ambitions. As you work with the energy, your spiritual vibration will lift so that you can access greater depths of who you are as an individual. More than that, you can access your divine purpose. Taking those all important steps towards the spiritual self, is often a hard decision to make. Often a life changing occurrence has occurred within your life, to assist you in making those all important positive changes towards an aspect of light and renewal. Many people have experienced, hardships, relationship breakups, illness , the loss of a loved one or even a near death experience. It is at these low points in life that we begin to re-evaluate our lives and feel and know that there is something better. Too many people are “people pleasers” and do not give enough time to themselves. Knowing that you deserve better and that you can do something to help yourself as well as others, is indeed a gift to accept into your unique way of existence. Reiki one is about finding that time. Time for the self Creating a balance within your life, so that you are in a position to help yourself and to help others. It must be acknowledged, that Reiki is not just a form of healing. It is a path. Fulfilling your lifes purpose really comes to the fore when you have accessed the first major step towards enlightenment. That first step occurs through Reiki 1. Reiki 1 is called the foundation maker. To enable yourself to grow spiritually you need a firm foundation to work upon. Reiki can give you that. It plants a seed, so you may grow and blossom into the person you are, not the person others want you to be. Reading this page today, helps you to acknowledge, that that all important step forward Is only moments away. We look forward to meeting and connecting with you soon.. The Workshop Weekend workshop This workshop is taught over two days. Within the course you are encouraged to open yourself up, be honest with yourself, release emotion as well as enjoy your time with us. Everything is Private and Confidential Your healing and Journey of self discovery is our greatest priority. Firstly we give you the opportunity to introduce yourselves so you feel a greater connection with one another. Course includes a comprehensive manual for you to keep Your Reiki Lineage Meditations and Visualizations Deep Relaxation History of Reiki Attunements and Reiju Empowerments Hatsu Rei Ho Power of the Universe Meeting your Reiki Guide Self awareness and soul Development Exercises Self Healing Chakra and Aura work Healing of plants and animals Healing for other people Some other techniques or exercises maybe incorporated to suit your individual needs. Bring food to share Soft drinks and fresh fruit is provided. PLEASE DO NOT EAT ANY MEAT PRIOR TO OR DURING THE 2 DAY WORKSHOP. ONLY VEGETABLES PASTA RICE BREAD FRUIT. This will assist with your cleansing process Certificate Awarded Price 175 euros (incl. 50 euro deposit) If you are financially challenged then an exchange of energy or payment in installments is an option. Please explain your financial disposition on enquiry. For further information please contact 0034 677114989 or 0034 617810209

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Reiki Workshop/Taller de Reiki 1 en San Pedro de Alcantara /Marbella en Centro Concordia

We are very proud and honored to announce that the AIDS centre Concordia very kindly enabled us to teach all the health care workers associated at the centre for their Reiki 1 Course.
This was a 3 day event . A special thank you to Wendy who volunteered as a body. She currently has been diagnosed with Cancer and came along to receive a group healing as well as a healing from Maite.

Special thanks also goes to other friends and family who volunteered to be bodies at the centre for the students to train on hand positions for healing others.

We are very proud of these students as well as two other family members of the Director of the Centre who also took part in the course. They were so happy and were sure that friends in Madrid would also like to take the workshop.

We are available to teach where there is a need. Awakening peoples potential is what we love the most, planting seeds and watching the ripples expand outrwards.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Las Golondrinas- Vistas del Mar- Torrenueva Playa: Current availability at Las Golondrinas- Torrenuev...

Las Golondrinas- Vistas del Mar- Torrenueva Playa: Current availability at Las Golondrinas- Torrenuev...: We only have a few weeks left for June/July. We suggest that if you do wish to have a vacation at Las Golondrinas this summer, please ensur...

FURTHER INFORMATION info@alternative-world.org

Monday, January 23, 2012

Reiki Workshops /Tallers de Reiki with/con Reiki Master/Teacher Jason Nicholas Ritchie and Luis Miguel Alves Spring 2012

We now have released dates for our workshops for the period of February 2012.
We now have a Facebook group so that you can follow us on there. It will keep you up to date with workshops in Spain and North Africa as well as other talks and Presentations that we will highlight throughout the coming year.





We look forward to hearing from you

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reiki 1 Workshop-22nd and 23rd October El Rosario Villa Noelia, Marbella

The next Reiki 1 Workshop in English will take place in El Rosario, Villa Noelia-Marbella
Our Reiki Workshops tend to differ from conventional workshops as our aim is to teach you to heal yourself as well as connect to who you are as a person. Reiki is not just a healing technique,it is a way of life, thus we teach you how to intergrate it into your daily life, to empower your thoughts and creating a sustaining and powerful positive change in the self.

The workshop includes

  • A Comprehensive manual
  • Meditations and Visualizations
  • Deep Relaxation Exercises
  • The opportunity to share your experiences (from a listening ear)
  • Spiritual and Self development exercises (reaching your individual needs)
  • The Chakras (Meditation)-Free CD
  • Expanding the Aura
  • The History of Reiki
  • Hat Su Rei Ho Technique
  • Attunement and Empowerment to Reiki 1
  • Self Healing Techniques
  • Healing for animals and Plants
  • Healing for other people
  • Various discussions regarding Reiki Treatments
  • Certificate awarded for Reiki 1 Practitioner
  • You are required to continue working on yourself for a minimum of 21 days with self healing treatments. Only after this time we then encourage you to give healing to others unless you feel the need prior. But remember Reiki 1 is about you. Finding time for you and putting your needs first, this is not selfish, it is prioritising time for yourself.
The price for the workshop is 175,00 Euros
The workshop includes fresh fruit, biscuits/cakes and water/juices
We ask that you bring food to share, as this also encourages growth and connections with each other.

There are a maximum of 4 places on the workshop. We refrain from having large groups as we prefere allowing you each time to talk and express yourself, thus enabling the healing of your journey and ascension process to take place.

There are 3 places available for this workshop

In order to book this workshop, we require a 50,00 Euro deposit (non refundable)
The balance is payable on the day of your arrival/or last day of the workshop.

Please e.mail info@alternative-world.org 


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reiki I workshop (in english)" Finding the Light" at Family Siesta, Cerrado del Aguilla, Fuengirola

March 27th Reiki 1 workshop at Family Siesta

Self Expression and the power of Belief -Hatsu Rei Ho Technique
The Hatsu Rei Ho Technique is used to empower the self. In Japanese and buddhist traditions this is used on a daily basis. It assists in clearing negative energy from the aura as well as releasing blockages that sit within the solar plexus, an area where many emotions are suppressed. When a person shouts out with a HAAA, it comes from the solar plexus as opposed to shouting from the throat. Once achieved the student feels powerful and continues to receive greater power and healing to aid their journey. It is only after this that we give a Reiju Empowerment as a completion to the initiation of the Reiki 1 level attunement.

We believe that the Reiki attunement is given in two parts, the first on the first day by placing the symbols into the aura. On the second day the attunment in the form of a Reiju Empowerment only after the hatsu Rei Ho Technique has been accomplished.

Reiki I workshop (in english)" Finding the Light" at Family Siesta, Cerrado del Aguilla, Fuengirola

Self Healing at Family Siesta 26th March 2011

Friday, February 04, 2011

Miracle healing for Ness Heart

"Ness is a 32 year old mother and single parent to Kyran, 5. Recently she learned that she had a tumour on her heart, which the doctors have diagnosed as inoperable and out of control. She begins a course of chemotherapy on Thursday February 3rd. Ness and I are both healers. We knew each other as friends 10 years ago, but lost touch & were reunited on facebook recently when Ness discovered the tumour. Since then, we have been working together to uncover & release the original root cause of this dis-ease, which I am pleased to report we have achieved with great success! We are now focusing on healing the physical effect of that cause - the tumour - and would be very grateful for your assistance! When we align our intentions and energies to focus on the same single vision, we create miracles! Ness and I ask that you join us in 'seeing' her heart healed and whole...with the tumour dissolved by love and transmuted back into the light. You are very welcome to post your healing words, prayers and meditations on the wall: Ness will be reading them daily, and receiving the blessing of your healing love with gratitude and grace! Thank you, thank you, thank you for joining with us as One in activating the Source of all healing to help Ness heal her heart! Love and rich blessings to all Sharon & Ness ♥♥♥

Monday, January 03, 2011

"Javi s" Story

I am a registered volunteer for an AIDS charity called "Concordia" I have been registered with the charity since 2002.

Part of my spiritual work that is connected with the charity, is "being there" for someone,when in many circumstances others are not. It may be termed as a "Buddy".
Additionally my husband is also a volunteer. We often work alongside the psychologists by giving treatments to a person affected by HIV. Due to the continued stigma in todays society, even now people still find it hard to disclose their status, thus having and causing stress and other ailments such as depression and lack of self acceptance. By receiving Reiki prior to a treatment,the patient is more likely to open up emotionally as they are in a relaxed state of consciousness.

On many occasions, especially in the first four years, I was able to visit the daycare centre every week, providing Reiki for anyone who felt they needed it. Often I would be giving 4-6 treatments each week.

There is also the home visits as well as Hospital Visits.
One morning, "Concordia" asked me to accompany them to the Hospital as there was a young man who was dying of AIDS. This is his story.

"Javis Story"

Javi was the same age as me, 40. However his sunken face and jaundiced skin made him look many years older. He was frail, with a stomach full of fluid. There was a complication and his body was bloating.
Yet his piercing blue eyes shone like sapphires against the whites of his eyes tinged with yellow speckles.
"Javi" has always denied Reiki treatments at the centre, he was shy, and prefered his life on the street, something he had always known.
However, now that he was in hospital,in pain, he felt he wanted a relief.

"Javi" was unaware that he was dying as he had been in and out from time to time.
Why had he denied the healing in the past?
Did he not love himself enough to care?
Did he feel that he did not deserve it?

I sat down with him while a monitor from the centre went to run some errands.
I explained to Javi what Reiki was and asked himif he wanted to receive any.
He wanted to smoke.
Smoking was not a good option as it was not allowed. However I thought, I have to gain his trust. He did not trust anyone. So I stood by the door, watching out for any nurses, so that he could just enjoy a quick puff on a cigarette.
Realizing that I was "helping" he said he wanted to try the reiki.
I asked him to close his eyes, but he was too eager to know what was going to happen that he wanted tokeep them open.
He lay slightly upright in the hospital bed. I placed my hands in the aura of the crown chakra and then the crown. As I did so his eye lids began to flutter to the point of closing. He started to relax. I only did a session for about 10minutes. When he came to, he said he felt spaced out,like when he took his heroin.

Javi,had been a heroin addict. The centre, with their drug rehabilitation programme had eased him onto methadone,however street life and drugs had been his life.His family had been involved in drugs. Sadly he had not known any different. Any time he tried to move forward, something just pulled him back to that life.

I felt that the work at the centre was teaching me about compassion. With Javi, it was a special journey.

I arranged with the moitor and Javi that I would visit him each week.

The hospital had only given him 3 weeks maximum to live.They said it was just a matter of time.

Tuesday came around again and I visited "Javi" for a second time. This time he was more eager to have Reiki and more eager to talk. He said that nobody had been to see him. Nobody.

His dream was to return home.He realised that he was not going to get better and something,made him feel like his days were ending, like a knowingness gliding over him.He asked me to arrange for him to return home,a flat that was his, yet in times he had not even lived there as there were people and situations he was running from.
But there was family,his late brothers exwife and her two sons.Why had they not been to see him?

Most of his family were dead. Drug addiction had ended their days.
I said I would do what was possible.
We started another Reiki session, this time my main focus was on the thymus. I also knew that when working with the dying, the terminal, that working from the feet upwards, was the most beneficial process, but I did not feel or see someone who was ready to die, he was not ready to go. Much of the Reiki took place in the aura, where I was able to connect with the pains of the past, the circumstances that he was running away from, the fears that had overshadowed his path and his life.

"Promice me you will arrange for me to go home" he said,"I promice I will do my best". I fought long and hard for Javi to return home.I researched for nursing care, rang hospices, who sadly would not accept Javi as he did not have "Cancer" AIDS was not Cancer sohe was not allowed to go. I fought against so much red tape, but sadly, the powers that be would not allow the procedure to take place.

The following week, I visited Javi.The prior complication had eased and the nurses were able to drain off the liquid. His eyes were glistening and the whites of the eyes whiter, but the body more frail.

"Can I go to my home" was his first words when I saw him the following week. Sadly it was not possible. He was dissappointed as this was his dying wish. He did not want to die in hospital and still no visitors. We continued with the healing.
Javi had been given 3 weeks to live. In fact he lived for 3 months. Unfortunately because of his weakness he started with bed sores, even though the nurses turned him.

I still continued to meet his dying wish,but because of ethics and health it was not possible to allow this to happen. The last visit was emotional.He knew and I knew, that the acceptance that his time was nearly up,was near. He was still able to talk a little. He was waiting to see me. He told me that an old friend had been to see him as well as his late brothers ex wife, though only for 5minutes.

He said some special words that I wish to share with you
"You did not know me, but you made time to be there for me. You did not judge me, you accepted me for who I am, and you gave me one true gift, that I have never had in my life, the ability to receive love.You have shown me what real love is. Thank you for that."

His eyes weerily closed and he sunk into a slight sleep. I continued to give healing, from the feet upwards and blessing his aura with light.

I received a phone call the following day to say that Javi had passed to the light.
I found it a great lesson as I was able to be there for Javi, buthe in turn is there for me.Javi is one of the great teachers, who will go on teaching.I have used his example on many occaisions, and you can share his story with yours.

I sincerely believe that the time Javi had was extra, to learn to receive and accept Love, Unconditional love. We all think that everyone experiences love in their life, but many alas do not.This is a reason why we, as Reiki Masters,Teachers and Practitioners,have a unique gift to share with the world.

This empowers me,to know that Reiki is a powerful tool to share with the world.
How beautiful and powerful Love is.....

Monday, December 27, 2010


"White Light" Healing, meditation and spiritual development- Group discussions, ascension, life after death, 2012, Rebirth, white light, Karma, Dharma, Angels, Light techniques, light communication, soul destiny, want to know more? Monday meetings in Marbella 8pm-10.00pm (Starts 10th January) and Thursdays in Mijas Costa (Starts 13th January) Further information info@alternative-world.org

Andrew White - Walk in Light - www.candyrat.com

White Light Healing Meditation and spiritual development circle starts January 2011
Marbella 10th January, Mijas Costa-Riviera del Sol, 13th January
donation only
Further information info@alternative-world.org

Angelic Human Race

White Light Healing Meditation and spiritual development circle starts January 2011
Marbella 10th January, Mijas Costa-Riviera del Sol, 13th January
donation only
Further information, info@alternative-world.org

Pillar of Galactic White Golden Light

White Light Healing Meditation and spiritual development circle starts January 2011
Marbella 10th January, Mijas Costa-Riviera del Sol, 13th January
donation only
Further information info@alternative-world.org

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Miracles-Reiki - Healing Cancer

Healing is always "thy will".

A dear friend,who was always full of life,wild and vivacious rang me one day, with sad news. She told me that she had "Ewings Sacrcoma",a Cancer that affects the lymphatic System.

She was told that the Cancer was agressive and that no-one had ever lived over 5 years with this type of Cancer. What lay ahead were months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments to kill the Cancer cells. But the Cancer treatments were also destroying her good cells. However it did not destroy her will to live.

Even when her best friend went to visit her in the Hospital,allshe saw was what looked like a bag of bones,but she was still able to reach a smile, when she used to call us on the telephone,she could hardly speak because of the blisters in her mouth,but she was able to cry to a friend who was willing to listen.

She did have friends and family who were supporting her and that kept her strong.

Additionally she reflected back tothe time that she came to the healing circle, when she first found out about her Cancer. She explained that she found a lump on her foot. The size of a marble. The doctors had done tests,but had lost her details,which in many ways delayed the process of knowing,and all the time the cancer was spreading.By the time she knew,it had spread into her lymphatic system.

Even when she spoke about her cancer,she spoke with compassionate words.

Within the healing circle we asked her what her intention was,what she hoped to gain fromthe healing session. She quoted " I want to see my twins 18th Birthday, I want to be 50, I want to Live" We were filled with tears in our eyes, happy for this incredible soul.

She lay down on the healing bed. The scent of the parma violets filled the room the presence ofmy guide "Maria Luigia" and the 10 healers connected to her energy visualizing her intention.

Our friends sister was in the room,never witnessing healing,but was there to support her sister. As she was witnessing the healing she felt as though she was going into a meditive state and her hands were floating upwards on their own. After the session she left to meet her friends in a bar.We suggested that she should not drink,but she thought,what the hell, she had one beer and slide down the bar onto the floor. This experience changed her life.She was so blown away with it that she herself changed her life and is now a Reiki Master.

She moved to be near her sister and helped her with her healing journey.

Our friend did see her twins 18th birthday and she did turn 50. On her 50th birthday she threw a pillow party. All the money raised, she went out and bought pillows for the ward she was in at "Jimmys" in Leeds. She mentioned that when she was in hospital the pillows were lumpy,so new pillows were an asset.

She herself went on to become a Reiki Practitioner. The power of visualization she feels is important. She would always visualize herself by the sea,looking at the blue sky and the sea and knowing that healing light was sent her way.

She continues to be a source of inspiration as she remains in remission. She has just become a grandmother at the age of 57. Almost ten years from when she was first diagnosed with a Cancer that the doctors thought she had only months to live.

What do you feel about this story?

comments please

Heal yourself from Cancer

Heal yourself from Cancer
Life after Cancer

Cancer can often be a turning point in ones life. Some see it as a wakeup call, that something has to shift or change within the current life style. I have known many people who have changed their lives,or they have seeked out the spiritual side of themselves, where before they only questioned, but now discovered.

Cancer for some has awakened a new path,a new journey of self discovery, often leading to dramatic changes for the better in ones life. Cancer not only affects you, the "Victim" but also the whole family. It is important not to feel a "Victim" as you are a human being undergoing a transformational change.

Cancer is hard and difficult to come to terms with.

But Cancer can be beaten.

I have found that Love and support from friends and family is important.
However I have met many Cancer Patients,who find it hard to accept help from other people. Sometimes this can be hard if you have always been the "PeoplePleaser".

Cancer sometimes affects a person when the lesson is to accept help.Pushing the self until it is exhausted only depletes ones health.

Suppressing past issues and hurts will only eat away at the physical causing "Cancer".

"Sheilas Story"

In 2002 I met a woman who was frail and yellow with Jaundice. She was accompanied by her husband. They had been receiving healing,but felt the need to talk and receive healing from a group (Alternative World Healing Circle)in a safe place.

They entered the healing room and joined 1ohealers who were in the room.
Neither sheila or her partner had been to a healing circle before.
We gave them an opportunity to talk.
The man listened to his wife with his head bowed downwards.
His wife spoke,but with much anger.
She had worked as a driver for the local hospital taking Cancer patients to hospital and her husband an ambulance driver
We all listened with an open heart.
The word "ear" existswithin "Heart"
There was clearly "Anger" in her words,not just about Cancer, but her whole life.

Reiki benefits from an intention
After listening to her story,we asked her to lie down on the healing bed. Each healer took a position that they felt they wanted to connect with.Before admistering the healing we asked her for her intention for the healing session.

She commented "Ifyou were to offer me two hands,one being the hand of life and the other, the hand of death,then I want to take the hand of death. I want to die.

Now these words were very powerful,and quite hard to accept,even for ourselves.

When we connect to the light of the universe, the heavens, we ask for the highest intention to be met.As it is not "my will,but thy will."

Sheila received 30minutes of healing from 10 healers, working hands on and within the aura.

Her Partner sat observing in a slight meditational state. At one point there was a slight gasp from him as he witnessed "White Light". My guide also camein with her scent of parma violets as it filled the room.

When we finished the healing session,sheila,sat upright, tears in her eyes, and explained that she now knew, why she had Cancer.

She explained that when she was 4 years old until she was 15 she was a victim of abuse.This secret she carried with her all her life. She supressed it,never telling anyone, but that pain, had eaten away at her. The Primary Cancer she had was in the Pancreas. It is said in Metaphysical termsthat the Liver/Pancreas represents unresolved anger issues.

For a further three weeks, wewent to visit sheila in her home. She was dying.By coming to terms with her pain she was able to accept what happened. The healing was a process that was able to help the release from one world to another.

The day before she passed away, her head turned to the left as though searching forthe tunnel of white light and I holding her frail jaundiced hand,we created a visual meditational prayer to enable her to cross over.

I asked if there was any family member that she was able to connect with on a heart level.Sadly there was not,asthere had been much pain in the family.But one, her pet cat called "Timmy". We all visualised "Timmy" coming out of the light to greet her and asked her to follow timmy back into the light.

It was as though sheila was holding on....

That was until she received a call from a daughter she had not spoken to for many years....

In the early hours of the morning,we received a call to say that sheila had passed.

As a thank you for the healing journey she had asked her partner to give us a statue entitled "Spring Maiden". This we still have in our garden.

Her other request was to speak the ulergy ather funeral, the final departure.

Sheila had brought much happiness into other peoples lives, and still does through the story of this tale.

What sheila forgot was to bring happiness into her own life, when she had a life.
"Pleasing others does not heal your own pain."

Her Partner realised his potential and went on to heal himself and then others.

Can you see yourself within this true story?

If you can and youwant tomove forward with your life, contact us



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FOR FURTHER INFORMATION E.MAIL info@alternative-world.org

CHECKOUT THEIR BLOGS EN ESPAÑOL www.estrellas-del-alma.blogspot.com

IN ENGLISH www.reiki-costa-del-sol.blogspot.com

For recommendations read the blogsor connect tothe professional website




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Reiki Family- Workshops 2010

Jason Ritchie and Luis Alves

Teaching is our passion. It is a two way street.The student and the teacher. Our students are our teachers. They also often go on to be come good friends,or an extended family.Here are some pictures from a recent re-union of former students.

Francine and Alejandro
(Francine runs the healing circle in Melilla (Mariposas Moradas)

Reiki Treatments and Workshops 2010

Reiki 1 is about self healing. We also teach students to heal others. In melilla we are fortunate to use the health and beauty centre of "Carmen Y Aurora".

Take a look at these fabulous students giving Reiki treatments for the first time.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Reiki Group Hugs 2010

The most beautiful experience when teaching, is observing the growth of the soul of each student. The understanding and acceptance of the connection (re-connection)to the light so that their own healing journey can commence. Not only that,but their healing is like a pebble dropped into a pond. The ripples of their healing, touch the lives of those around them,their family and their friends and those that they heal.

Justtake a lookand the connection toeach other from this months Reiki workshop in Melilla (November 2010)

Reiki Workshops- Empowering the soul 2010

Once a connection toeach other has formed, the connection tothe inner child and born leader, the connection to sourceis all the more powerful.

Look at the connection,the energy and auras of these beautiful people.